Customer Technical Support Services

Printer Setup

Learn How to Setup Wireless Printer. Printer is a very important accessory of any computer that authorizes end- users to transform virtual texts into a computer printout.


Installing a printer is a very easy process. Essentially, your computer must have a software pre-installed — a printer driver — and using its specific settings, the installation process is over.

Chat Support

Live chat support is a service that is fundamentally designed to meet the customer’s needs about a product/service right away. This method brings delight to the customers.

Software Support

Software support services are typically reckoned as technical support services that are offered for exact software programs. Customers can avail of the service anytime from a company they are in need of.

Antivirus Support

Antivirus support is a boon for every customer who is looking to expert advice on resolving technical glitches about any antivirus. Simply contact the professionals of an antivirus company and get the support.

Repair & Setups

For Printer Setup and Repair Services, there are great companies available that offer the services at very affordable rates. These companies will setup and repair your printers very well.

Printer Support

Get world-class printer support and troubleshooting info with regards to printer’s software, drivers, and manuals from your company. The technicians will help you most favorable in catering to your need and deliver you full satisfaction.

Canon Printer

SStride Support technicians are at the disposal to iron out any virus/spyware removal issues. They also help you best by giving the best antivirus support and tips on how to protect your PC from any potential interaction with any type of malwares etc.

Windows Support

Every printer manufacturing company offers Microsoft support for Windows users. The companies install MS-certified technicians who are responsible for addressing all the issues related to Microsoft Windows. No matter whether the operating system is Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 10 support.

Email Support

If you encounter any issue or glitch in your branded printer, you can reach them via Email support services. The email support services are the ticket for both technical and non-technical products and services. The email support staff will deal with the queries efficiently.

About us

Sstride has carved a niche for its company as leading IT Support Company in the industry. The company is a specialist in building custom web applications, software applications and software products using the state-of-the-art technology. Sstride is today at the cutting edge of offering top-grade IT support and solutions within the means of its customers. They believe in offering end-to-end and sumptuous solutions to the ever-increasing base of their treasured clients. The initiative has helped Sstride to win the full trust and confidence of their clients, yet they do not believe in resting on the oars but strive to offer even better support and solutions.

Software Support

Every leading company offers world-class support, thanks to the expert technicians who meet the need via email, phone or live chat support. In case you encounter any printer software, the software support team of the company will help you brilliantly.

Driver Installation

You cannot expect a computer printer to work unless and until you install the built-in drivers and software. In case of the loss of CD for your printer, it is worthy of idea to download the drivers for your printer and use the drivers for the installation of your printer.

Email Support

Your printer company is at the disposal to achieve your printer needs and resolve the issues via email support. The helpdesk service it offers is staffed by qualified email technicians. As a customer having issues with your printer, you can contact them via email support to get the solutions to your printer issues in black and white.

24*7 Support

To furnish the treasured customers with the best customer support, every reliable company offers 24/7 support! So in case you have a query or have experienced an issue in your printer, you can utilize email customer service 24/7 for instant assistance.