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SStride Support has years of experience of serving as successful technology partners of large business houses across the country. We strive to transform your printing devices from a mediocre category functioning device to one performing outstandingly as per your needs.

The company possesses a diverse pool of human resources who are responsible for taking the leap forward by rendering their relentless hard work. The team aims at saving valuable money of customers, rendering time bound services, providing easy to follow instructions, improving the devices performance, ensuring data security, and contributing towards environmental sustainability as well.

We strive to maintain a high repute among our customers by engaging in active customer support services. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and we ensure this by recruiting trained personnel for maintain a close relationship with our pool of customers.

Common Xerox Printer problems:

Xerox printers are known worldwide for their high-end print quality and durability. The company manufactures several printer series which are sought after depending upon the customer’s usage.

However, it is a well-accepted fact that a usual wear and tear of any electronic device used for certain number of years is absolutely normal. Devices do get depreciated over their working life, and need re-fuelling from time to time.

Common issues which the Xerox printers might face in their routine functioning such as draining inkjet cartridge, paper jamming, issue with the printer wires or cables, installation difficulties, etc.

Following is the list of other common technical issues which might be encountered:

  • Installation of latest software for your Xerox printer or scanner
  • De-installing Xerox printer
  • Spooler problem
  • Dust particles or other tiny matter disrupting the printer process
  • Degraded print quality
  • Horizontal lines on the printed sheets
  • Problems in restarting the printer machine
  • Flimsy paper tray
  • Bluetooth or browser related issues



The services cover all types of Xerox Printer series, mainly:

  • Xerox Altalink
  • Xerox Nuvera
  • Xerox Trivor
  • ColorQube
  • Phaser
  • Iridesse
  • Majestik/Regal
  • Production Inkjet Press
  • CopyCentre

Our team is well prepared and qualified to deal with extensive technical issues that can be encountered with your Xerox printer machines. Some of the many services offered at SStride Support are as follows:

  • Correcting the orientation of printed page
  • Rectifying Text Truncating
  • Correcting Missing Characters
  • Network or wireless problems
  • Installing, re-installing, de-installing
  • Malware and Adware Removal Support
  • Installation of external tools and drivers
  • Compatibility checks
  • Antivirus Installation and Updating Help

The good news is that these services are provided in attractive, pocket-friendly packages that ensure the continual functioning of your device smoothly. The company has several warranty offers as well.

How we serve you?

On call: The support team at SStride Support is available for on call services throughout the day. You can call on our toll-free numbers at any time of the day and get assistance immediately to solve the issue manually. Reporting, identification of error, remedial actions and solutions are instantly provided in most cases.

Online: We offer our customers a 24×7 online chat support system since we understand the importance of your business and work urgency. You can simply log onto our official website and connect with our executives online. All queries related to your Xerox printers are answered by our technicians who are trained well to address all types of technical queries.

Visit: In cases, where the technical glitches cannot be solved over the phone or online manually, our specialized team of experts makes a visit at your doorstep to check the device manually and correct the technical problem faced. If required, the printer is taken up for further processes to your nearest service station and delivered in time. Free pickup and drop service is provided by SStride Support in such cases. A specialized team of professionals is present to carry your devices in a safe and secured manner.

What we do?

We have an extensive network of technicians, experts, professionals, and the like who work to serve you with the minutest details and information about the company’s services, supplies, support, programs, etc. The team is willing to lend their technical support in all kinds of situations throughout the day. Detailed reporting of the problem encountered is done immediately when you first call our technical support team, which then looks into the matter as urgency and analyzes the same. If need be, a secured online connection is made so that the technician can access your system to solve the issue. This is done with a prior permission from the customer. It is well understood that ensuring the privacy rights of customers is essential and thereby, no personal information is leaked or shared with any third party persons. Such cases have been successful wherein the customers lack the necessary technical knowledge to rectify the issue manually on their own. In other cases, the technician stays online (or on-call) with the customer and gives out easy to follow, step by step instructions to correct the technical glitch faced. It is understood that the customers are not well-versed with the nitty-gritties of the technical aspects, and therefore, utmost care is taken in explaining them the steps in an informal layman’s context.

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